Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Release: Jape return with Ocean Of Frequency on September 30th

It's hard to believe that it's 3 years since Jape's third album Ritual first leapt into my consciousness. It's also a testament to its invention and quality that it still sounds as vibrant and fresh to this very day, and it remains one of the best Irish releases in recent history. Since then, Richie Egan and his Jape ensemble have crafted and perfected a dozen songs for the eagerly-awaited follow up - Ocean Of Frequency. The album, Jape's fourth studio release, is out on September 30th through music/is/for/losers

I've heard just over half of the songs through live appearances and they make for an interesting listen, with Richie pushing the sound in some bold new directions, while still showcasing his penchant for a killer hook. I'm particularly excited about 'The Oldest Mind'; an entrancing ode to embracing your youth and the soothing acoustic number that is 'It's Shadow Won't Make Noise'. When you can afford to leave tracks like 'Hands Of Fire' and 'Lying On My Deathbed' off your new record you know it's going to be something special.

The first single, 'You Make The Love', is released on the same day.

In Richie's own words:
“I had thought that the follow up to Ritual was finished about three times so far, but I kept getting drawn back to writing more and more songs, trying to push my songwriting
as hard as I could and see how many different styles and moods I could try out, to feel
out the album. Eventually, I realised that you could just keep on doing that forever so I
decided it was time to start letting these songs go for a walk around the place 
The idea for the title, Ocean of Frequency came from an interview I saw with Michael
Talbot. He was an American author who wrote some books linking science with
mysticism. I feel the answer to religion lies somewhere in science and I like to think that
we all float about in an ocean of frequency that we can't understand. People always go
on about the difference between science and religion, in my opinion there is an unending
spiritual beauty in the order of science.”

1. An Hallucination
2. Please Don’t Turn The Record Off
3. The Oldest Mind
4. Too Many People
5. One Of Those Days That Just Feels So Long
6. Borrowed Time With Peace
7. Scorpio
8. You Make The Love
9. Internal Machine
10. Its Shadow Won’t Make Noise
11. Na Niotancullah
12. Ocean Of Frequency
Here's a rough demo of 'Its Shadow Won’t Make Noise':

  Its Shadow Won't Make Noise by Jape

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