Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Download: New Jape Double A-Side

Rejoice, Jape are finally back with new material! This double A-side is taken from the Ocean of Frequency LP, which is due for release in September. 

'Hands Of Fire' has been a mainstay in Richie's live shows for some time and its thumping, swirling core sounds just as impressive here. The introduction of a few glitchy riffs and backing vocals is masterfully done though, further highlighting Richie's nous in terms of production and arrangement. 

'Lying On A Death Bed' on the other hand is a quiet, nostalgic ramble through adolescence in the mid 80's. There's always been something special about Richie's ability to draw on the everyday with a special eye and this is particularly evident here as he references everything from first meeting his wife to shunning secondary school for a band "with an awful, awful name, who were so full of spunk". Who else could make that sound so heartfelt?

Listen here and download for FREE via the widget below.

Hands Of Fire / Lying on a Deathbed by Jape


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