Monday, May 30, 2011

Introducing - Solar Taxi

Jayses, when did Waterford get so sexy? With fellow natives O Emperor purveying a sound that, although outstanding, isn't likely to rival Marvin Gaye in the seduction stakes, here come Solar Taxi with sultry, tug-at-the-ears, disco-vibes.

Fronted by Aisling Browne, this Waterford foursome have received growing attention since they came to life early last year and released their intriguingly titled She Dies With Beautiful Teeth EP a couple of weeks back. Think Scissor Sisters (when they could belt out a decent disco-pop tune), coupled with the occasional muscular riff and a hearty layer of Goldfrapp's sheen and you're somewhere close. 

She Dies With Beautiful Teeth is available in physical format now via their official site or as a download through iTunes.

Official Site // Facebook // Breaking Tunes 

  She Dies With Beautiful Teeth EP by Solar Taxi

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