Monday, October 31, 2011

New Video: Goodtime - 'Behind The Sun'

A beautiful official video for Goodtime's 'Behind The Sun'. Filmed by Richard Gilligan and coloured by Andy Clarke, the picturesque shots suit the delicate, flowing melodies beautifully. A perfect combination.

Goodtime is currently supporting Jape on his Ocean Of Frequency tour.

Download the track for free now from Bandcamp.

GOODTIME - Behind this Sun from Temporary Secretary Recordings on Vimeo.

Behind This Sun by GOODTIME

Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Music: Jerome's Law - 'Albedo'

Having been somewhat underwhelmed by their debut EP, I'm happy to report that Jerome's Law have gone back to the drawing board, shaken things up a bit and delivered a very impressive new single. A wistful little ballad full of dreamy O Emperor styled touches, 'Albedo' is taken from the Dubliners' forthcoming debut album. 

Download it for free now from Bandcamp.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Free Mixtape: The New Wave: Volume 2 - The Best New Irish Music

The month of September saw me finish my Master's degree, hand in my thesis and leave Ireland to travel this globe for a bit. The result was a distinct lack of updates on these pages but I'm glad to be kicking things back into gear with the second volume in The New Wave series of free mixtapes.

The reaction to Volume 1 was excellent and the formula is the same again here - ten tracks from my favourite Irish artists of recent times, thrown together for you to digest and (hopefully) fall in love with. While Volume 1 was all cheery pop-hooks, Volume 2 has a slightly darker edge, connected as it is by some sparse acoustic pickings (Rory Grubb), sultry 80s vibes (Patrick Kelleher), eerie desolation (Tandem Felix) and a wide range of other moods and shades that suit the oncoming winter months perfectly.

Again it's all free and for the good of the bands/your ears so please do your very best to support the artists involved by going to their gigs and buying their music!

Volume 3 will follow in the coming weeks...


1) The Gorgeous Colours - 'It's OK To Be Normal'
2) Patrick Kelleher - 'Contact Sports'
3) Solar Bears - 'Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind'
4) Halves - 'Growing & Glory'
5) Tandem Felix - 'Canyons'
6) Tara Masterson Hally - 'Down We Lay'
7) Conor Furlong - 'Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight?'
8) The Eulogys - 'Bouquets'
9) Sacred Animals - 'Chosen Seed'
10) Rory Grubb - 'Take Your Own Advice'

  STL: The New Wave - Vol. 2 by StopTheLights