Hidden Irish Indie Hits

Hidden Irish Indie Hits was a little project I started to shed a light on some lesser known Irish tunes which deserved a bigger audience. Each of these tracks is a home-grown gem and there's plenty more to add to the list in the near future...

#1 Conor Furlong - 'Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight?'
#2 Kharma 45 - 'Ecstacy'
#3 Orphan Code - 'Last Dance'  
#4 The Marshals - 'Make Her Cry'
#5 Revelino - 'Happiness Is Mine'  
#6 Simple Kid - 'Serotonin'
#7 Pony Club - 'Single'
#8 Offshore - 'Balcony Waves'
#9 The Aftermath - 'All I Want Is For You To Be Happy'