Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hidden Irish Indie Hits #7: Pony Club - 'Single'

Limping around since the turn of the millennium, Dublin lads Pony Club were long championed to come good. A few brief flirtations with success later and they've yet to better their 2002 debut Home Truths, from which this ardent ballad is taken. Oft-cited as a vehicle for front-man Mark Cullen, the lyrics display Morrissey-esque levels of observational wit and self-deprecation ("And if I'm honest, If I'm truthful...But I can't be") so it make sense that Moz himself is a fan. A long-gaze in a retreating sink of water, this is self-pity at its finest.


  1. I adore Single by Pony Club, got to hear it live in May 09 and it was bliss.

  2. Can imagine so Peter, great band. Hoping to catch them soon at some point myself