About STL

Stop The Lights is a music blog from Dublin, Ireland. The site has been up and running since March 2010 but only began on a more 'serious' basis since the beginning of 2011.

It’s run and maintained by me - Bryan O'Hanlon. In the past I've written for the Metro HeraldHot Press, Culch.ie, and The Social and I'm currently completing an MA in Journalism at Independent College Dublin having somehow won the 'Write Here, Right Now' scholarship. 

STL is a place for me to discuss the music I love and to spread the word about it. There's no better feeling than passing on a great song and seeing someone latch onto it and that's what I hope to do in some part here. STL focuses mostly on Irish music, such is the undeniable depth of talent currently teeming from these shores, but I also feature plenty of international artists, across most genres.

If you would like to submit tracks, albums or news for consideration, please contact me using one of the options below. 


Email:    stopthelightsmusic@gmail.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Bryanooo