Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Irish Music: Track of the Week winner - Ham Sandwich

After the latest batch of nominees Kells indie darlings Ham Sandwich have been chosen as this week's Track of the Week.

Here's what New Irish Music had to say about it:

"We cannot get this song out of our heads - nice, gentle yet absolutely euphoric. We dare ya to listen to it and not sing along; it's impossible. Should be as big everywhere else as it will be in Ireland... and what a video"

White Fox LP is out now. Ham Sandwich play UCC, Cork on the February 2nd and Roisin Dubh, Galway on February 4th.

EP Review: Sacred Animals - Welcome Home


Having emerged midway through 2010 in mysteriously anonymous fashion, Sacred Animals have quietly nudged their way into the minds of many. The solo project of Wexford native Darragh Nolan, there is little fanfare about Sacred Animals, but with such an accomplished and rewarding piece of work there doesn't need to be.

Opener 'Wired, Islands', kicks things off with a decidedly sprightly beat before being swallowed by a mountain of mournful vocals and brooding synths, with only the soaring refrain of "You're not in control" peaking its head out for air. Indeed, this process of contrast is present throughout Welcome Home, as the carefully crafted opaque landscape is dotted with hints of luminous splendour, while lyrically there lies a fascinating polarity between the deeply personal and the more grandiose, life affirming questions which catch up with us all.

Nolan's vocals are outstanding throughout and strongly reminiscent of latter-day Thom Yorke. In fact, though it is very much it's own beast, Welcome Home does in some ways feels like a progression of In Rainbows, and I can't help but think that if Yorke and Co were responsible for these 4 tracks that the term 'genius' would quickly follow.

A detailed creation which rewards attention, there is a compelling, natural vibe to the overall soundscape which Nolan has crafted. This is the sound of winter bleakness and the glimmering prospect of warmth picking it's way through the clouds, as frost covered vocals are neatly embellished with silhouettes and pin-pricks, culminating in a captivating experience.

Sumptuous and intricate, Welcome Home is an accomplished debut which marks an instant rise to the top of the 'ones to watch' pile.

Welcome Home EP is out now. Stream for free and download for just €3 from here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

New Irish Music - Track of the Week nominees

The latest batch of tracks as part of a new collaboration with New Irish Music.

Over the past few months they've taken on the admirable role of using facebook as a platform for new Irish artists to gain an audience and below is the crème de la crème of this week, with 7 artists nominated for Track of the Week.

Keep an eye over at NIM for the winner tomorrow and check out last week's Track of the Week - 18 year old Sushi Blu 

Kafanha - 'Sept Piece (Two Good for an Encore)'

Kilkenny based Kafanha describe themselves as 'two guys sitting in a room with a variety of instruments and a need to create music' and the result is an original, husky toned number with strands of Tom Waits present.

The Heads of State - 'Chasing Them Down'

 An undeniably catchy summery-acoustic fusion from this Donegal based outfits debut EP. 

  Chasing Them Down by theheadsofstate  

Rooftop Anthem - 'Suzie' 

Polished sing-along anthem from this five-piece Dublin based outfit who have already racked up sold out dates in the Academy 2.

Tin Pot Operation - 'Black Eye'

Politically charged indie-punk from a Belfast band who have been doing the round since 2004 and have supported Aslan and Duke Special along the way.


The Cujo Family - 'Fool I've Been'

Sprightly folk ballad from this sprawling 7 piece. Their self titled debut album is now available for download.


Ham Sandwich - 'Ants' 

Brilliant new video for a highlight from last years acclaimed 'White Fox' LP, which was unlucky to miss out on a Choice nomination.

Baker Jnr - 'Hughie' (Live)

Another acoustic ballad from Dublin based singer-songwriter Andy Sheridan who has an ear for a melody and a penchant for meaningful lyrics. Also featured on last week's STL Listening Post

Hughie - Live by bakerjnr

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hidden Irish Indie Hits #3 - OrphanCode

The third instalment of Hidden Irish Indie Hits is served up by Dublin three-piece Orphan Code.

Taken from their 2007 debut album Inside The Optimist, 'Last Dance' is an instant indie classic, which some readers may remember from the Night Shift era with Michelle Doherty (now of Phantom FM fame) on the ill-fated Channel 6.

Backed by a video that will leave you famished, this is three minutes of rich tones, soaring vocals and an instantly memorable chorus - the perfect combination.

// Myspace //

Check out:  
HIIH #1 - Conor Furlong 
HIIH #2 - Kharma 45 

Monday, January 24, 2011

STL's Weekly Listening Post (Week Ending 23/1)

The week in tunes according to STL - go forth and enjoy.

Check out last week's selection here.

  Ham Sandwich - Ants

Lovers of insects look away now. Brilliant new video for a highlight from last years acclaimed 'White Fox' LP. A video exclusive courtesy of

James Foley - Tightrope

Tender acoustic ramblings from this Scottish singer-songwriter.

Cut Copy - Need You Now

80's infused return to form from the Melbourne synth-poppers.

Bell X1  - Hey Anna Lena

Where did this come from? Bell X1 ditch the OC soundtrack sound and ramp to the atmospherics to wondrous effect.

  Hey Anna Lena by Bell X1 

The Ambience Affair - Weeds

Cracking new track from the Meath outfit's upcoming debut album .

Kid Karate - Pass Out (Tinie Tempah Cover) 

The duo nail last year's R n' B smash - features on the Quarter Inch Quompilation.

  Pass Out (Tinie Tempah Cover) by Kid Karate

Baker Jnr - Making the Grade 

Sauntering folk tale from Baker Jnr AKA Andy Sheridan, a Dublin based singer songwriter who is in the process of putting his debut album together.  

  Make the grade by bakerjnr 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Irish Music: Track of the Week winner - Sushi Blu

Following yesterday's batch of nominees courtesy of New Irish Music, 18 year old Elliot Canavan Doyle aka Sushi Blu has been chosen as this weeks Track of the Week.

A top choice, here's what New Irish Music had to say about Sushi Blu:

"An indie kid with an acoustic singing to the camera in a youtube video; we almost dismissed this one. Detailing the pressures of being in a relationship you don't want to be in, the songwriting is remarkably precocious and the undertones almost comically dark (that 'gallows' U-turn!), finishing in a heartbreaking instruction to "tell her lies." The kid's got talent... definitely one to watch."

The nominees for this weeks Track of the Week will be announced on Friday and you can post your track over on New Irish Music's page to be in with a chance.

Check out Sushi Blu below:

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Irish Music - A fresh outlet for emerging Irish bands

Mighty Atomics
I'm delighted to announce a new collaboration with the good folk over at New Irish Music.

Over the past few months they've taken on the admirable role of using facebook as a platform for new Irish artists to gain an audience - by inviting these aspiring artists to post their tracks and then choosing a track of the week from these entries.

There has been an excellent response so far, with hundreds of entries for New Irish Music to work through, and the enthusiasm shown by NIM and the bands, deserves as big an audience as possible.

Thus, every week I'll be featuring the 7 nominated acts, with the winner of the 'Track of the Week' title then announced over the weekend. Have a listen to this weeks varied selection below and be sure to spread the word of New Irish Music.

Autonomous i - Stoicism, Dementia & Clap 

An oddball video for an interesting straight up rock track with a quirky beat.

House of Dolls - Ills

Having played this years Hard Working Class Heroes and the IMRO showcase tour of 2009, House of Dolls have slowly been making a name for themselves and it's easy to see why with this passionate, dark and driven anthem which is begging for a full studio recording.

Furlo - Cruelest Friends

If punk rock is your thing then Sum 41 disciples Furlo will be right up your street and this is the first track off  the Northern Irish groups second EP -  'Signature'.

Sushi Blu - It's Harder Not To Care About Somebody Than It Is To Care About Them

As the name may suggest this is a love-lorn effort from a doe-eyed newbie. Yes it's raw and unpolished, but there remains a interesting set of surprisingly mature set of lyrics ("You got swing, like a gallows") and an ear for a melody. One to watch.

Mighty Atomics - March of the Mighty Atomics 

A frenetic slab of 'surf-punk' from, this Dublin band; memorable and unrelenting in equal proportions, would be interesting to see how vocals could fit into the equation.

Mark Buckeridge - Film Developer

Vulnerable vocals and a lovely lazy melody are entwined to form a surprisingly mature package from this Carlow based newcomer. The accompanying video, which he directed himself, is a nice touch also.

Flying Castros - You Never Told Me (You Didn't Exist)

This Derry/Donegal based outfit describe themselves as producing high energy indie-rock, with dirty guitar licks, sleazy synth's, aggressive vocals and thumping beats and to be honest that's as good a description as any. A rollicking synth-led beat which bodes well for future releases.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Live: Cock and Bull 5 - The Casanova Wave, Kid Karate, Cloud Castle Lake

Seriously snazzy lineup for the 5th Cock and Bull event, which will take place in the larger confines of The Grand Social on February 5th.

Cock and Bull TV is basically a free gig once a month, where they fill a space with some quality acts, film it, interview some of the bands and then deliver it to the interweb -  what more could you want?

It's a great idea, that is done on a shoe-string and also for free by the people behind it so kudos all round.

Having already featured the likes of Owen Pallett and Patrick Kelleher, the 5th event will see The Cassanova Wave, Kid Karate and Cloud Castle Lake take to the stage - full details are available anseo.

Sample the bands below and make sure to head along on the night - it's free!

The third episode of Cock and Bull, featuring Jon Dots, Hello Moon, At last an Atlas is now online and available for your viewing please here.

  A Wolf Howling by cloudcastlelake

New Video: Pepper Rabbit - Harvest Moon

A splendid new video for 'Harvest Moon' which featured on Beauregard, the acclaimed debut LP from Los Angeles based Pepper Rabbit.

I introduced this two-piece late last year, with their achingly beatitful 'Older Brother' making a large dent in STL's Top Songs of 2010 and 'Harvest Moon' arrives with more of the same breezy indie vibes.

Their charms don't seem to have spread much further than the States as of yet but no doubt they soon will.

Pepper Rabbit - "Harvest Moon" Video from stereogum on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hidden Irish Indie Hits: #2 - Kharma 45

Part two of STL's new quest to expose the cream of Ireland's indie talent which has slipped through the cracks over the years.

Having kicked things off with the brilliant Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight? by Conor Furlong last week, this week brings a change of pace with a blistering tune from Northern Ireland's Kharma 45.

Having signed to Warner Bros. Records after only a hatful of gigs, the buzz surrounding this Derry/Strabane based 4-piece grew and grew.

With considerable press gained across the board, they released three excellent singles, the pick of which was 'Ecstasy' - a vibrant, passionate indie classic. The band recorded their debut album, but unfortunately this record was never to see the light of day as they disbanded in 2008, with lead singer Glenn Rossborough leaving to pursue a solo career.

I remember seeing Kharma 45 at Oxegen 06 and being blown away. Despite being on early in the day they attracted a huge crowd and amid glorious sunshine, they whipped the place into a frenzy as the lead singer blared this tune into a mega-phone. I was convinced they were going to be huge but alas, it wasn't to be and Kharma 45 are another to add to the 'what if?' pile.

Never the less, 'Ecstasy' is 4 minutes of anthemic electro-tinged brilliance, and is a track which thousands of bands would love to have as an epitaph.

Be sure to check out the spaced-out remix from Mo Le Starre also.

  Kharma 45 - Ecstasy (Remixed by Mo Le Starre) by Mo Le Starre

Villagers' Conor O'Brien compiles playlist for We7 launch

We7, the online streaming service with over six-and-a-half-million tracks, launched in Ireland yesterday and having got to grips with the service I'm mightily impressed. 

Straight away there was an option to listen to an extensive playlist of this years Choice Award nominees and if you're content to put up with the odd short ad before a song then We7 is the perfect streaming tool. 

Removing the ads will cost you €4.99 a month, while the mobile app versions for the iPhone and Android, which essentially means you can take the music with you everywhere, is available through a premium account at a cost of €9.99 a month

Featuring nice playlist creation options, an incredibly vast scope of artists and a radio function which automatically replenishes according to your individual preferences, We7 is a welcome addition which could dramatically alter the listening patter of many.

As part of the launch our very own Conor O'Brien of Villagers compiled a playlist of his 15 favourite songs.
A predominantly old-school set featuring artists such as Neil Young, The Kinks and Nina Simone, it's none the less an interesting insight into the creator of last year's finest Irish release.

Check out We7 now.

Monday, January 17, 2011

30 Days of Music: (# 3) A Song That Makes You Happy - MillionYoung

After a long hiatus, I'm back into this 30 Days of Music malarky. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow... it may not even be by 2013 but I will finish this list eventually!

Having already assessed my favourite ever song and my least (this recent video on Coppers only reinforced my decision!), it's time to crank up the positivity levels, with 3 minutes of endorphin releasing goodness.

I've been listening to MillionYoung's latest album Reflections quite a bit recently and though it's a blinder, all the way through I couldn't help but think "Yeah, but he'll never top Hammock" and to be honest, it's true. 

This is a supreme slice of joyous, synth-pop, which is infused with the cheeriest of acoustic guitar riffs and a melody as refreshing and care free as the loved-up lyrics suggest. I've no particular memories with this song, but I wish I did. It's the kind of song to which you equate an intangible experience; like drinking till sunrise with your best friends and then explaining the feeling to someone with: "Ah, you just had to be there...".

// Myspace //

Oh there once was an island
Lost in the sea,
Once were two lovers
You smile under me,
But we laid out in heaven
The sun in our eyes,
I told her I love her
And there'd be too fine

New Video: Windings - Poor In The Mouth

An excellent new official video from Limerick based Windings, which featured on last year's It's Never Night LP. 

Windings have a lingering charm, which propelled them into many of  last years 'Best Of' lists and you can stream It's Never Night in its entirety from here.

The video is directed by Chad Hartigan ( and features scenes from "Drugs Are Like That" by WPBT-TV

// Official Site //

Sunday, January 16, 2011

STL's Weekly Listening Post (Week Ending 16/1)

There's an awful lot of new music out there...loads like. 

So, with that in mind, here's a little round up of the new tunes which have pleased STLs ears over the last 7 days.

It's far from exhaustive but you may just find something you enjoy and as ever, suggestions are very welcome.

Million Young - 'On On'  

Tucking into Replicants, the new album from Florida based Million Young, has left my ears feeling warm and fuzzy and 'On On' is a stuttering scorcher of a track which seems custom made for a thousand car ads. 
Listen now before you get sick of hearing it along side the latest Toyota model...
  MillionYoung - On On by Vicente P

Oh Land - 'Son Of A Gun' 

Danish popstress Oh Land has been lighting up the blogosphere in recent months with her brand of electro-pop splendour, and this is the opening track from her excellent debut EP.
  Oh Land - Sun of a Gun by infinityyeah 

Moths - 'Blisters

17-year-old Jack Colleran has been attracting a bit of attention lately thanks to these sprawling electro numbers, with Nialler9 profiling him during the week. 17? I could barely tie my shoe-laces at that age, let alone make music this good.
  blisters by MOTHS

Squarehead - '(-_-)' (Adebisi Shank Cover) 

Anything these Rathmines lads touch as of late seems to turn to gold. This track will feature on the upcoming Quarter Inch Quompilation, which will see a dozen artists covering their favourite songs of 2010. After hearing Kid Karate's brilliant cover of Tinie Tempah's 'Pass Out', we now have this trio adding sun-kissed vocals and a washed out haze to Adebisi's little creation.
  Squarehead - (-_-) (Adebisi Shank Cover) by Quarter Inch Collective

British Sea Power - 'Mongk II' 

A jazzed up version of Mongk (which originally appeared on the Zeus EP), from the eternal cult band's latest - Valhalla Dancehall. Valhalla is no "Do You Like Rock Music?" but it's growing on me with ever listen and this driven straight up number is a definite highlight..."I don't believe in you but you believe in me"
  British Sea Power - Mongk II by jpnarc

This Other Kingdom - 'Tears'

A touching piano-led lament from these very new Dublin newcomers.
  Tears by This Other Kingdom 

Battle for 2nd Place - 'Say it ain't So' 
Mayo songstress Orla Prendergast elevates this slice of power pop from the Glasgow four-piece, with soaring, sweeping vocals.
  Battlefor2ndPlace-Say-it-aint-So by StopTheLights 

Somadrone - Tears In The Typing Pool (Broadcast Cover)

Succumb to the line
The finishing time
The long distance runner
Has stopped on the corner
But I won't give up
Although I've stopped too

Broadcast's Trish Keenan tragically passed away this week, following complications from pneumonia. To mark her untimely departure prolific multi-instrumentalist Somadrone aka Neil O'Connor, has posted a lovely cover of Broadcast's beautifully fragile 2005 track 'Tears In The Typing Pool'. 

A fitting tribute - RIP.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live Review: Whelan's Ones To Watch 2011 [Thursday 13th January]

With the brilliantly conceived Ones To Watch 2011 mini-fest well under way, I made my way down to Whelan's on Thursday night to sample some of Ireland's great musical hopes for 2011.
Having unfortunately missed Hunter Gatherer, Cloud Castle Lake were first up on my agenda and with last years Pick For the Picnic title under their belts, the four piece come highly rated. Situated somewhere between the sombre work of Portishead and Sigur Ros, they immediately verify such acclaim; combining to produce an intensely brooding, melancholic sound, which is steeped in atmosphere and intensity. Incredibly high-pitched vocals are underpinned by a dreamy, hypnotic musical landscape which grips and enthrals, despite the length of the songs on offer. Extremely accomplished and equally memorable, it's easy to see why they're being tipped for great things in 2011.

In what must be a first for any gig, the 'Lake' theme continued with the next act - Great Lakes Mystery, which is the latest project from Dublin drummer Gareth Averill.

Backed by two supporting members, and with a cocophony of instruments on show, Averill steps beyond the pig skin (for the most part) to serve up an enjoyable mix which shifts between sullen and animated electronic based vibes. A relatively new concept, it's clear that GLM is a project brimming with ideas. On occasion however, there is perhaps too much ingenuity on show at once and with a lack of direction notable on certain tracks, there is a tendency for some tracks to get lost along the way, as they meander into the 'pleasant but plodding' category. Never the less, there is moments of genuine flourish on show from GLM, with Averill clearly holding an interesting creative streak which hints at a promising future for GLM. Expect news on a release and gigs in the coming months.

Finishing off the main stage is Thread Pulls, whose ambient tones and glitched up beats seem to have a large part of the audience entranced. It's a complex affair and Thread Pulls are certainly not a band who endear themselves to the newcomer. Rather, their unique creation of ambient drones, and fragmented beats is something which must wash over and envelop, until the roughly cut, minimal soundscapes seep into your pours. An interesting creation no doubt, but one which requires an advance listen, personally.

With so much good music on offer, it was only natural that some escaped my ears and the upstairs stage was particularly neglected. Never the less, a brief liaison with Toby Kaar, a rising electronica maestro from Cork, proved fruitful as he provided a memorable set, which was brimming with verve and catchy invention.

An excellent platform for rising artists, and a further indication of the quality currently flowing from these shores, the Ones To Watch festival is a testament to all those involved.

The festival ends tonight (Saturday), with tickets available at the door. Full details available here. 

More pictures from the night and sounds from the artists below:

  A Wolf Howling by cloudcastlelake

  Organo Moderato by Great Lakes Mystery

  How to talk by thread pulls

  Brightout by TobyKaar

Cloud Castle Lake

Great Lakes Mystery

Thread Pulls

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Listen: New Japanese Popstars single - Song For Lisa (ft Lisa Hannigan)

Well, this is rather lovely.  

Japanese Popstars describe themselves as producing "cool as fuck electronic music built for festivals and stadiums" and they more than live up to that billing on this instantly infectious pop/dance hit, which stars vocals from Lisa Hannigan. 

Song For Lisa is the first single from the Northern Irish crew's new album - Controlling Your Allegiance, which is due for release in March.

This is the sound of finishing work early, with the weekend beckoning...

// Myspace //

  Japanese Popstars - Song For Lisa ft Lisa Hannigan (Unreleased) (Lu!Gs Radio Edit) by Lu!G Borrceti

Hidden Irish Indie Hits: #1 - Conor Furlong

....or HIIH for short (terrible name, suggestions welcome).

This is a new feature where I intend to highlight a few lovely home-grown tunes that have caught my attention over the years, but which may have passed many by.

With the amount of quality music emerging from Ireland as of late, some great tracks inevitably slip through the cracks, and while there may be nothing here to rival the big-hitters, these are songs which stuck with me, and ones which I feel deserve a touch more recognition than they've recieved to date.

So, to kick it off, have a listen to 'Are You Gonna Sleep Tonight?' by Conor Furlong, a stirring anti-war anthem from last year. Despite being produced on a shoe-string, this is a neatly polished track with a memorable chorus and more than a hint of Echo & The Bunnymen throughout. 

662 views onYouTube doesn't do this track justice at all, though be warned: the video is quite graphic...

If you like what your hear then you can download the track for free from here (Right click, Save as).  

More HIHH (how catchy...) to follow soon...

//Conor's Official Site//

News and Free Download - The Eclectic

Having been on hiatus for the past few years, Dublin indie heads The Eclectic are back recording material for a new album.

The album will be the follow up to to 2007's Breath EP, which the Tallaght based band recently made available as a free download.

Below is a rough version of Pork Chop Sandwiches, a new track from the recent sessions and its synth-led approach marks a definite departure from their previous efforts, including breakthrough single Blank Canvas - the excellent video of which is also below.

A number of gigs for later in the year are also in the pipeline.

// Breaking Tunes // Official Site // Myspace //

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Solar Bears: Listen Online

If the beautiful electro work from Dublin/Wicklow duo Solar Bears has somehow passed you by then you're in luck as the band have now uploaded all of their tracks (including a few remixes) onto their SoundCloud

With snippets of Boards of Canada and a general lush, cinematic vibe throughout, their debut album She Was Coloured In was easily one of the highlights of the year.   

Each track is a magic little creation; perfectly orchestrated and devised - so delve in and enjoy the wondrous sound of modern Irish music.

Solar Bears featured in STL's Top 60 Songs of 2010

 // Solar Bears' Myspace // 

  Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind by Solar Bears

  Neon Colony by Solar Bears

Profiler - Rory Grubb

I mentioned Rory Grubb in my Top 60 songs of the year but having given his latest album, Sketches From The Big Sleep, a proper listen I feel this Dublin singer-songwriter is worthy of a proper analysis.

As I alluded to in the above post, there's nothing particularly revelatory about what Grubb does, and if prolonged exposure has left you allergic to the traditional formula of 'one man and his guitar', then look away now. 
Despite this, and even though Grubb ticks all the conventional boxes, he also infuses them with a lovely atmospheric dash, which makes for an interesting listen and serves to prevent him from falling under the tag of dreary dross.

Throughout's clear that Grubb is in no rush and the title of the album is certainly apt, with a dream-like quality apparent throughout. 

Indeed, at times it feels like the bare bones of the songs have been gently marinated in a mix of hazy reflection and concentrated atmospherics, for quite some time. It won't be to everyone's taste admittedly and if immediacy is what you're after then stick on that new Daft Punk soundtrack or something, as what's on offer here makes for a gentle, woozy form of enjoyment. If you're looking for intrictae instrumentation, wry, reflective lyrics and the perfect Sunday hangover music then proceed right this way: MySpace // Breaking Tunes

On a side note, I saw Rory perform at the Young Hearts Run Free bash in the Co-Op a few months back (where his live set up was puzzlingly complex and involved a long-process of pre-recording each element), and on the way out, his albums were on the table at the door...I presumed they were there to be taken and proceeded to do so but if not and if you're reading this Rory - apologies and I owe you a tenner!

Below are old videos for two tracks off the new album:  Ambulance and Fall Out, Start Again:

Stream: Sacred Animals' Winter Mix 2011

Really enjoying this mix from Sacred Animals' Darragh Nolan. It features some of his favourite tracks - new and old - all woven together to form a soundtrack for the 'descent into Winter'. The Low Sea remix of We Cut Corner's 'A Pirates Life' is a particularly favourite, while that sample-heavy Beat Culture track is a revelation that demands further investigation.

I'll leave it to the man himself to describe it in full detail:
Icy melancholy, percussive frosty mornings & snowy evenings, slow motion brain freeze as winter deepens & stretches, light adding contrast to the dark. So here's a bunch of tracks new & old which I think will fit the remaining subdued winter months like a glove.
Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon)
Beat Culture - Midori
Glitter Bones - The Dark Tide
Jessica Jalbert - Necromancy (Kuhyre-oo Remix)
Three Fields - How It Rains Here
Oneohtrix Point Never - Power Of Persuasion
Evenings - [Lately] See You Soon
Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross - White Sun
Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (Icelandic Version)
I Am The Cosmos - Final Form
We Cut Corners - A Pirate's Life (Low Sea Remix) *Exclusive
Fionn Regan - 100 Acres Of Sycamore

  Sacred Animals' Winter Mix 2011 - The 405 by sacredanimals 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Introducing - White Collar Boy

It's a great feeling to stumble upon something new that is both fully formed and genuinely interesting...and it's also an added bonus when they're Irish.
Yesterday evening, Kid Karate (follow them here - sound chaps) piqued my interest with a tweet about their friend who had just posted up recordings - a mysterious young man named Gavin White, who goes under the guise of White Collar Boy. These sort of tip offs don't always auger well but I was quickly won over.

Howl Again is six minutes of sprawling, stratified splendour, which glides along perfectly amid a winding guitar riff and wonderfully unpolished vocals. Despite it's length it never threatens to drift away, instead it changes pace at all the right moments, and amid these carefully stacked elements is the realisation that WCB possesses a certain knack for arrangement far beyond his humble status.

This Is (All Night) [Parts 1 and 2] is a more tranquil but equally compelling affair, as soft tones of discontent gradually give way to a warped vocal and tripped out beat. The insatiably catchy riff in The Return of the Hollow Eyed Saint and the accompanied low-key vocals could have been plucked straight from the creative mind of a certain David Kitt, while the more progressive, synth-driven maze of Another Way completes the quartet in explorative fashion.

A Dublin based multi-instrumentalist, very much in the mould of Kittser and Richie Egan, White Collar Boy is an exciting proposition. These tracks indicate that he bears all the necessary hallmarks to compete with the aforementioned trendsetters and it's been a while since I've been so taken by an artist I know so little about.

In fact, very little else is known of White Collar Boy at all...heck, even the accompanied picture is mysterious! Never the less, you can expect our caped crusader to emerge from the shadows pretty soon, these songs are simply too good for anything else.

Have a listen for yourself below and download some of the tracks on offer for free.

The Abbey Actor by White Collar Boy