Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Profiler - Rory Grubb

I mentioned Rory Grubb in my Top 60 songs of the year but having given his latest album, Sketches From The Big Sleep, a proper listen I feel this Dublin singer-songwriter is worthy of a proper analysis.

As I alluded to in the above post, there's nothing particularly revelatory about what Grubb does, and if prolonged exposure has left you allergic to the traditional formula of 'one man and his guitar', then look away now. 
Despite this, and even though Grubb ticks all the conventional boxes, he also infuses them with a lovely atmospheric dash, which makes for an interesting listen and serves to prevent him from falling under the tag of dreary dross.

Throughout Sketches...it's clear that Grubb is in no rush and the title of the album is certainly apt, with a dream-like quality apparent throughout. 

Indeed, at times it feels like the bare bones of the songs have been gently marinated in a mix of hazy reflection and concentrated atmospherics, for quite some time. It won't be to everyone's taste admittedly and if immediacy is what you're after then stick on that new Daft Punk soundtrack or something, as what's on offer here makes for a gentle, woozy form of enjoyment. If you're looking for intrictae instrumentation, wry, reflective lyrics and the perfect Sunday hangover music then proceed right this way: MySpace // Breaking Tunes

On a side note, I saw Rory perform at the Young Hearts Run Free bash in the Co-Op a few months back (where his live set up was puzzlingly complex and involved a long-process of pre-recording each element), and on the way out, his albums were on the table at the door...I presumed they were there to be taken and proceeded to do so but if not and if you're reading this Rory - apologies and I owe you a tenner!

Below are old videos for two tracks off the new album:  Ambulance and Fall Out, Start Again:

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