Friday, January 21, 2011

New Irish Music - A fresh outlet for emerging Irish bands

Mighty Atomics
I'm delighted to announce a new collaboration with the good folk over at New Irish Music.

Over the past few months they've taken on the admirable role of using facebook as a platform for new Irish artists to gain an audience - by inviting these aspiring artists to post their tracks and then choosing a track of the week from these entries.

There has been an excellent response so far, with hundreds of entries for New Irish Music to work through, and the enthusiasm shown by NIM and the bands, deserves as big an audience as possible.

Thus, every week I'll be featuring the 7 nominated acts, with the winner of the 'Track of the Week' title then announced over the weekend. Have a listen to this weeks varied selection below and be sure to spread the word of New Irish Music.

Autonomous i - Stoicism, Dementia & Clap 

An oddball video for an interesting straight up rock track with a quirky beat.

House of Dolls - Ills

Having played this years Hard Working Class Heroes and the IMRO showcase tour of 2009, House of Dolls have slowly been making a name for themselves and it's easy to see why with this passionate, dark and driven anthem which is begging for a full studio recording.

Furlo - Cruelest Friends

If punk rock is your thing then Sum 41 disciples Furlo will be right up your street and this is the first track off  the Northern Irish groups second EP -  'Signature'.

Sushi Blu - It's Harder Not To Care About Somebody Than It Is To Care About Them

As the name may suggest this is a love-lorn effort from a doe-eyed newbie. Yes it's raw and unpolished, but there remains a interesting set of surprisingly mature set of lyrics ("You got swing, like a gallows") and an ear for a melody. One to watch.

Mighty Atomics - March of the Mighty Atomics 

A frenetic slab of 'surf-punk' from, this Dublin band; memorable and unrelenting in equal proportions, would be interesting to see how vocals could fit into the equation.

Mark Buckeridge - Film Developer

Vulnerable vocals and a lovely lazy melody are entwined to form a surprisingly mature package from this Carlow based newcomer. The accompanying video, which he directed himself, is a nice touch also.

Flying Castros - You Never Told Me (You Didn't Exist)

This Derry/Donegal based outfit describe themselves as producing high energy indie-rock, with dirty guitar licks, sleazy synth's, aggressive vocals and thumping beats and to be honest that's as good a description as any. A rollicking synth-led beat which bodes well for future releases.

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