Friday, January 28, 2011

New Irish Music - Track of the Week nominees

The latest batch of tracks as part of a new collaboration with New Irish Music.

Over the past few months they've taken on the admirable role of using facebook as a platform for new Irish artists to gain an audience and below is the crème de la crème of this week, with 7 artists nominated for Track of the Week.

Keep an eye over at NIM for the winner tomorrow and check out last week's Track of the Week - 18 year old Sushi Blu 

Kafanha - 'Sept Piece (Two Good for an Encore)'

Kilkenny based Kafanha describe themselves as 'two guys sitting in a room with a variety of instruments and a need to create music' and the result is an original, husky toned number with strands of Tom Waits present.

The Heads of State - 'Chasing Them Down'

 An undeniably catchy summery-acoustic fusion from this Donegal based outfits debut EP. 

  Chasing Them Down by theheadsofstate  

Rooftop Anthem - 'Suzie' 

Polished sing-along anthem from this five-piece Dublin based outfit who have already racked up sold out dates in the Academy 2.

Tin Pot Operation - 'Black Eye'

Politically charged indie-punk from a Belfast band who have been doing the round since 2004 and have supported Aslan and Duke Special along the way.


The Cujo Family - 'Fool I've Been'

Sprightly folk ballad from this sprawling 7 piece. Their self titled debut album is now available for download.


Ham Sandwich - 'Ants' 

Brilliant new video for a highlight from last years acclaimed 'White Fox' LP, which was unlucky to miss out on a Choice nomination.

Baker Jnr - 'Hughie' (Live)

Another acoustic ballad from Dublin based singer-songwriter Andy Sheridan who has an ear for a melody and a penchant for meaningful lyrics. Also featured on last week's STL Listening Post

Hughie - Live by bakerjnr


  1. Looks like there's something after happening to the New Irish Music facebook's down for some reason.

  2. Yeah so I saw Andy, according to them it's been deleted for no reason. Disaster - they're setting it back up now I think