Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cfit - 'Plausible Deniability'

I had an inkling from the start but many listens later I can confirm that yes, I do love this song. Initially, I was somewhat bewildered by it. This can be attributed to either its length (a hefty 7 minutes) or its tone (unusually patient and poetic) but it's a definite slow burner and one that requires some patience to appreciate. It's a bruised, messed up tale of woe that most can relate to and I admire its honesty. I liken it to the musical equivalent of a recently crushed heart; wherein the victim - attempting to take the moral high ground - offers a contained and measured lyrical affront, before the vitriolic crescendo finally wins over.

Cfit are a band from Dublin whose debut album Triage was released last year.

Hear more from them via Breaking Tunes.
"For denial purposes, I'm not really listening. 
For denial purposes, I'm not really listening to anything.
From a lack of discipline I am barely functioning.
 For the want of discipline I am barely functioning.
Stay safe, you little psycho. You earned a difficult laugh. 
Stay safe, you little psychopath.
Are you really listening? Are you ever listening?
Show me something worth believing and I'll believe in it.
Insincerity's no good place to start. 
Come on, darling, please, open up your arteries and show me something that's worth fighting for."

Milano Sun - 'Already Gone'

These bare-torsoed chaps are Milano Sun from Gothenberg, Sweden. Their promo shot suggests a strange aversion to clothes but judging by this, their debut single, they're in no way averse to joyous, laid back hooks. This is easy to digest pop that's armed with enough finger-tapping power and sparkly little touches to make you pine for summer. Lovely stuff altogether.

Download ‘Already Gone’ for free via Soundcloud