My favourite emerging acts, hand-picked for your listening pleasure.

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Love Inks
Simplistic yet infectious dream-pop from this captivating Texas trio.
Powerful melancholic inflections and sparse linear riffs - the Aussie PJ Harvey?
The Statics 
A four-piece Dublin outfit with a penchant for a jangly hook and a leaning towards 60s infused pop melodies.

The Strypes 
Talented Cavan youngsters who utilise their love of retro sounds by covering the cream of the 60s in style.

Tandem Felix 
Accomplished, original, mysterious and just plain brilliant. A young Dublin band that is most definitely going places.
The Young Folk
Dublin folksters delivering anthems and a general fondness for a stirring, throat-clearing melody.

Robot Science
Lush electronica worth noting from this San Jose native.
A young Cork beat-maker whose debut EP is lined with an array of cleverly structured, smashing beats.
Hello Moon
A Dublin four-piece producing indie-pop that has one foot in the 80s and a clear affection for all things jangly and jittery.  

Solar Taxi
Sultry disco vibes from a female-fronted Waterford quartet.
The Pacifics
The sound of the sixties reborn by this new Dublin outfit.

Come On Live Long
Mature and memorable. It's hard to pinpoint the exact beauty of this new Dublin outfit but there's no doubt that they demand repeated listens.

Echo Tongues
Enchanting dream-pop comparable to the lush landscape domineered by Deerhunter.

Spilly Walker
Smashing synth-led collaboration between David Kitt and his younger brother Robbie.

Avalanche Ammo
Frenetic instrumental math-rock á la Enemies.

Tara Masterson Hally
Young female singer with a hell of a voice. These two tracks are simply beautiful.

Christina Perri
American pop star with a magnificent voice.

White Collar Boy
Young Dublin based multi-instrumentalist who produces mesmerising sprawling electro tunes. Highly, highly recommended. 

John Blek And The Rats 
Rollicking indie-folk ensemble from Cork.

The Casanova Wave 
A sprightly mix of jangly, glitter-covered electronica.

 Dog and Panther
Creative Michigan outfit in the vein of Death Cab For Cutie.

Leaders Of Men
Up and coming Dublin band who specialise in brooding, spacious indie tunes.

2010's most hyped female hipsters.
Americana via Rathmines. Ramshackle, fuzzy and absolutely essential.

Pepper Rabbit
Sun-washed, dreamy indie possessing a memorable hook.

Mountain Man
Soothing acoustic vibes - comparable to a female Fleet Foxes.

The Middle East
Beautiful, stirring work from a sprawling Australian outfit.