Friday, April 8, 2011

Introducing: Tara Masterson Hally

With Moths and White Collar Boy emerging as young talents in the respective electro/indie fields, here's another rising female starlet to keep an eye on - Tara Masterson Hally.

Both sparse and delicate in their own way, 'Down We Lay' and 'Cyclic' are two beautiful tracks; with a soothing, luxurious voice easily filling the spacious landscape. The angelic backing vocals on the former are a particularly inspired note and with lovely flourishes throughout, this is music for the late night walk home, with only shadows for company.

Check out her Facebook and SoundCloud for more information, and listen below.

  Down We Lay by Tara Masterson Hally 

  Cyclic by Tara Masterson Hally

1 comment:

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