Monday, August 8, 2011

Introducing: Tandem Felix

I first caught Tandem Felix when they supported Spies in Whelan's in May and was immediately impressed by just how accomplished they were. There's a definite sense of the otherworldly about this gang and the similarity with fellow newcomers Cloud Castle Lake is undeniable. Expansive and astral, every track here flickers beneath the surface in its own peculiar manner, with each listen revealing another intriguing layer and moment of interest. 'Canyons' in particular is a solemn bundle of brilliance with more than a hint of Thom Yorke off the vocals, while the excellently titled 'The Sky Looks Like a Sheet of Sugar' - and its triumphant horns - is another highlight. The band insist that these set of tracks - dubbed Tweedledee - do not form any semblance of a proper release but whatever they may be - they sound great to my ears. 

Download Tweedledee for free now from Bandcamp.

Find Tandem Felix on: Facebook // MySpace // Bandcamp // Breaking Tunes


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  1. So so good, so glad I've found this band, they are excellent. Thank you for sharing!