Monday, August 15, 2011

Gig News: Future Bright curated by Harmless Noise

Seriously impressive line-up for the next instalment of Future Bright - the monthly show that aims to highlight the best in new Irish music. Curated by Nay McArdle of stellar Irish music blog Harmless Noise, the night will feature live performances from much-lauded Cork producer Toby Kaar, Last Days of 1984 who have been receiving much attention as of late, as well as Low Sea, VerseChorusVerse and Bantum, plus DJ sets from Le Galaxie + Logikparty. The fun kicks off in Crawdaddy next Thursday the 25th August with tickets priced at a wallet-friendly €5. 

Great home-grown music, great price and apparently there may even be some nifty drinks promos...what more could ye want for a fiver, eh?

Get your tickets in early from here: 

  Bread by TobyKaar

  ▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲ - RIVER'S EDGE by ▲▲L▲ST D∆YS OF 1984▲▲

  Slide by BANTUM

  Alex by low_sea 

VerseChorusVerse - Inches From A Fairytale from Bandwidth on Vimeo.

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