Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing: Adalita - the Aussie PJ Harvey?

Continuing the slow assimilation of Australian content (I'm headed there soon for the guts of a year) - here's Adalita, who in short, appears to be the Aussie version of PJ Harvey. It's a lazy comparison no doubt but with a formula of powerful melancholic inflections and sparse linear riffs - the similarity is undeniable. 'The Repairer', her debut single, may not be quite as affecting as Harvey's incredible recent effort (Let England Shake is undoubtedly album of the year territory) but it's a strong, haunting introduction to the former Magic Dirt front-woman and you can consider my interest in this lady piqued.

'The Repairer' is released on September 5th, with Adalita's self-titled debut album to follow in 2012.

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