Monday, August 22, 2011

Free Mixtape: The New Wave Vol.1 - The best in new Irish music

The general consensus regarding Irish music is that we've entered something of a golden period and I'm in full agreement. In fact, I find the music to be that consistently brilliant that I want to do all I can to spread the sounds of this new wave to as far as possible. Hopefully my scribbles here do that a bit but I feel a collection of free-to-download mixtapes - each packed with the best Irish artists of late - are an even more effective way to invade your ear canals and convince you of their worth.

This first volume probably falls under the general indie tag but within that is a broad range of styles, such as Spies' brooding undertones, We Cut Corners' powerful melodies and Jape's synth-fuelled splendour. 

Enough talking - more listening. Click the small downward arrow on the right hand side below for your free download of the mix and keep an eye out for another volume next week...

________ Tracklist_________
1) Spies - 'Liars Call Me King'
2) Jape - 'Hands Of Fire
3) Squarehead - 'Axes Of Love'
4) Land Lovers - 'Cinema Bell'
5) Hello Moon - 'Vanity'
6) No Monster Club - 'A Morbid Fascination'
7) Kid Karate - 'Feel For You'
8) Come On Live Long - 'Animal'
9) We Cut Corners - 'Go Easy'

10) Leaders Of Men - 'Up Against The Wall'

* Disclaimer: This is all being done on a goodwill basis and if you like what you hear please try and support the artists involved by buying some of their music/going to a gig of theirs! If any of the artists featured would rather their music was not involved just get in touch.*

1 comment:

  1. Nice Mix, Spies are good.
    I thought Kid Karate was a made up band for Fade Steet.

    Leaders Of Men, out shine the other bands IMO.
    I want to say "they sound like..." but I can't really put a label on them. So I guess they sound like Leaders of Men.