Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Album News: Squarehead to release debut LP - Yeah Nothing

Mark it down in your diary, kids - Squarehead's debut album Yeah Nothing will finally see the light of day on September 16th 2011. Released on the consistently brilliant Richter Collective label,  Yeah Nothing will be preceded by the re-recorded 'Mother Nurture' (out August 14th) which will coincide with the UK release. 

Having only emerged in 2010, Squarehead are one of those bands that seem to have been around for longer than they actually are - a fact that is probably attributable to the extent of the Dublin three-piece's rise over the past year. I personally find it impossible not to love Squarehead - they're cheery, infectious and buckets of fun...a reliable blast of sunny weather in a country which so blatantly lacks it. Really looking forward to this one.

Album Tracklist: 

Midnight Enchilada
Save Yourself
Axes Of Love
Get Light
Mother Nurture
Confident Girls
Tasty Fruit
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Fear Your Face
The Abandoned Sea
Fake Blood 

Squarehead 'Midnight Enchilada' from Rupert Morris on Vimeo.

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