Friday, August 26, 2011

Introducing: Karin Park - dark electro pop from Sweden

If you like your music dark and twisted, yet infused with a sultry, beat-driven edge then Swedish artist Karin Park is the one for you. Originally a popstar in Norway some years ago, her current work is of a very different variety and the fact that these songs were recorded and produced by Christoffer Berg (The Knife and Fever Ray) is recognisable from the off. Such artists give a strong indication of what to expect on entrancing new single 'Tiger Dreams', which also shows flashes of Bjork amid a swirling industrial synth-pop medley. Check out the official video below.

Her forthcoming album High Wire Poetry is out in 2012, and is preceded by the Tiger Dreams EP on September 19th.

  Karin Park - Tiger Dreams by flagstone

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