Sunday, March 27, 2011

Introducing: Christina Perri

I was lucky enough to amble along to see Christina Perri, a new American pop hotshot, for Hot Press recently and if she's to becomes a smash hit sensation in Europe I want  you to be able to say you heard it here first! So here we are, good acoustic pop tunes backed by a seriously strong voice that could see her make it big - enjoy. 

You may not know her yet but with 12 million Youtube hits already to her name this pint-sized poplet has been making huge waves state-side and she soon showed why; sweeping away a select few lucky attendees with an intimate lunchtime showcase in the Clarence Hotel’s Octagon bar.

Opening number 'Bang Bang Bang' is a passionate upbeat jaunt which Perri describes midway through as a "song about revenge". For a girl of just 24 she certainly has enough personal experience to draw from, with a whirlwind marriage and its subsequent divorce already behind her. Indeed, this theme of loss and separation is evident throughout, particularly on the aptly named 'Tragedy'; a sombre lament in which she moved from acoustic guitar to keyboard with notable ease.

Perri described next tracks 'Arms' as an "upbeat little tale of letting love win" but it's her ever-excellent voice which triumphs, shifting to even greater heights on a track which bears more than a touch of similarity with fellow songstress Laura Marling. To close, the Philadelphia native delivered 'Jar Of Hearts', a song which she admits changed her life completely. Speaking to her after the show she reminisced of how a friend had sent her demo to another friend wherein it ended up on hit US show 'So you Think You Can Dance' and a rake of sales and record contract offers followed. Brimming with emotion and anguish throughout, it's no surprise the piano-led anthem struck a chord with many and it seems custom-made for the finalists of next year's X-factor.

In what was her first live performance outside of the US, Perri showed she has a clear penchant for writing emotive, love-lorn tracks and this coupled with her outstanding voice marks her out as a definite one to watch for 2011.

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