Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Video: The Minutes - 'Black Keys'

For all the burgeoning electronica (Moths, The Casanova wave), driven indie (Spies, Bipolar Empire) lush acoustic numbers (Villagers, James V. McMorrow) and general oblique mentalness (Patrick Kelleher, Adebisi Shank et al) what's been lacking (to my ears) from an admittedly amazing Irish current music scene is a balls-to-the-wall outfit that I can identify with - someone with swagger, gusto and tunes in equal proportions and Dublin three-piece The Minutes are making a strong claim for that title.

They've been doing the rounds for quite some time now but 'Black Keys', their debut single on Model Citizen, suggests big things and follows in the vein of last year's equally excellent 'Fleetwood'. Check out the stylishly aggressive black and white video below and buy the single now via iTunes. 

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