Saturday, May 7, 2011

Introducing - Come On Live Long

Come On Live Long are a five-piece from Dublin, and despite only forming late last year there's already much to admire in their debut EP - ComeOnLiveLong. 

Opener 'Animal' is a mature creation. Infused with a smoke-like fog, it sounds like faded memories and bad decisions - a pensive guitar lick giving way to a lovely surge before retreating back into the mist. 'Waiting', on the other hand, is a catchier, more immediate affair, with synth-led riffs building and bursting beautifully alongside a memorable refrain. Impressive stuff.

Come On Live Long play Saucy Sundays tomorrow in the Grand Social which is free in and you can also grab the EP for free now via Bandcamp.

Find Come On Live Long on Breaking Tunes // Myspace // Facebook


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