Monday, May 9, 2011

The Gorgeous Colours - 'It's OK To Be Normal'

Photo by Emma Rönnback
And just like that a dreary Monday got a whole lot better. Upon listening to the new one from The Gorgeous Colours my mind is awash with words such as lovely, beautiful, charming and other such terms normally spewed by a love-struck, smitten teenager. To be frank though, associating 'It's OK To Be Normal' with anything else would be a blatant disservice to such a deserving track.

Effortlessly compelling and hopelessly endearing, it glides along perfectly; entwining melancholic strings and solemn vocals to create a carefully packaged, utterly romantic track. This is not the sound of the latest 'It' band or of a group over-reaching in pursuit of past glories - rather, this is the sound of a band at ease, doing what they do best, and creating beautiful, beautiful music in the process.

The release party takes place in The Workman's this Thursday. Get on it.

[Via the Torture Garden (amazing blog, check it out)]

It's Ok To Be Normal by The Gorgeous Colours

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