Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Introducing - Echo Tongues

Hailing from Seattle, Echo Tongues is the brainchild of young musician Gary Wilson. Steeped in a dream-like quality throughout, Wilson and Co specialise in reflective, soothing and enchanting tones - think of the lush landscape domineered by Deerhunter and you're half way there. Their latest eponymous EP is a hypnotic lullaby of a record - with 'Airbornes' and ''No Expectation' standing out as particular revelations - while debut single 'Lost Found' holds a similar delicate charm. Speckled white on blue  - this is music tailor made for watching clouds drift by.

Both the Echo Tongues EP and 'Lost Found' are available for free download now.

You can also find Echo Tongues on // Facebook // 

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