Friday, February 25, 2011

New Music: Patrick Kelleher - Broken Ball

Brand new eight track album from the shining jewel of Ireland's underground scene - Patrick Kelleher. The Wicklow native uploaded 'Broken Ball' to Soundcloud earlier on today describing it as comprising of "4-Track recordings 2006-2011, with some minor overdubs and effects added digitally afterwards".

Patrick's debut 'You Look Cold' LP remains one of my favourite albums of recent years so I'm pretty excited about this even if it just odd bits and bobs rather than a full on studio release. If you've caught him at any of his solo performances (you probably have - he plays constantly) then you'll be familiar with the lighter, acoustic side of things which 'Broken Ball' delivers with aplomb. Lovely way to start the weekend.

  Broken Ball by Patrick Kelleher

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