Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gig News: Retarded Cop's Couch Tour of Ireland

Ever fancied having a band play in your very own home? Well, now you can as Retarded Cop AKA DJ Gaz Le Rock is planning a tour around Ireland where he'll play your gaff for free if you afford him some hospitality.

Retarded Cop has been lashing out some brilliantly mental punk-rock tunes every week for the past while, with some hilarious videos to boot, so have a look below and if you fancy having this performed in your own pad then get involved over on the event page

I am going to tour around Ireland playing shows in facebook fans houses for hospitality because choons is the only currency I have and I need a good laugh. So if you would like to take advantage of what I can guarantee will be a highly memorable event and a once in a lifetime opportunity to have me play a full SOLO set in your house get in touch..there only a limited number of engagements left to fill!

I will be DOCUMENTING my travels for a radio documentary so you'll be required to participate in an interview at some point in the visit.
I also will be uploading one song from the show each night to youtube...culminating in the whole finale show being streamed live to the world via the internuts.

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