Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Music: Jape - Its Shadow Won't Make Noise

Ah, the wonder of the interweb. Out of nowhere comes a fresh creation from the mind of Richie Egan, which he only recorded earlier today.

A 5 minute slice of acoustic balladry, it's charged with typically philosophical lyrics and beautiful backing vocals - a lullaby for the disenchanted.

That new album can't come quick enough...

Why does your soul feel sad? //
Like it has forgotten what it was invented for. 
Who do you think that you were?
Like you could sell it like a business man.
Tear up the boundary and the rule,
There are places to be, There are days left for living,
You were so conscious of what you would do, That you did nothing //
  Its Shadow Won't Make Noise by Jape

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