Monday, January 30, 2012

The Cast of Cheers - 'Family' (Video and JAPE Remix)

Following the whirlwhind success that was Chariots (it has now been deleted for some reason) Cast of Cheers' return with their first single proper and it doesn't diappoint. 'Family' is an another absolute belter, packed with more of the same taut, punchy riffs and ridiculously catchy vocals (familee-hee-hee!), it's the type of track that gets your limbs flailing and lips moving. Having relocated to London last year and having recently received props from Zane Lowe, they're undoubtedly a band on the up and up. 'Family' is released on 20th February on School Boy Error/Cooperative Music and the eye-twitchingly good video - which is directed by Russell Weekes and made up of 5,000 separate photographs -  is available to view below.

Also below is the new Jape remix of the track, which offers a more chilled, elongated take on things.

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