Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The return of The Drums. Listen to new single - 'Money'

Hot on the heels of last year's debut, The Drums are back with the follow up LP - Portamento. With their influences firmly etched on their sleeves the Brooklyn outfit left many cold but I have to admit - I loved them from the off. In fact, I liked them so much so that they made a healthy dent in my Top Songs of 2010. 'Money' doesn't stray too far from their original formula - it's a fast-paced bundle of riffs, laced around a self-pitying, love-lorn tale of poverty and want, with a typically romantic 80s vibe evident throughout. A nice little warm up for the new material so - consider my interest piqued. One thing though - how weird is that cover image?! 

Portamento is out on September 12th and the band play this year's Electric Picnic.


'Book Of Revelation'
'What You Were'
'Hard To Love'
'I Don’t Know How To Love'
'Searching For Heaven'
'Please Don’t Leave'
'If He Likes It Let Him Do It'
'I Need A Doctor'
'In The Cold'
'How It Ended'

The Drums - Money by WorkItMedia

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