Friday, November 12, 2010

EP Review: Kid Karate - Heart

This is my review of the debut EP from promising dublin pair Kid Karate. It was originally featured @ so I've thrown in a few new pics for good measure. Have a listen for yourself over at their Myspace.

Having gained notoriety for their live shows over the past year, Heart arrives as the first proper release from Dublin duo Kid Karate. Indeed, it was live where they first shot to my attention following an outstanding performance at last month’s Hard Working Class Heroes festival (pictures below). The pair swept away the Mercantile’s intimate confines in a blistering set which culminated in participatory drumming and with vocals delivered from a lead singer who lay convulsed at the feet of the audience.  From that performance it was clear that Kid Karate possessed an unrestrained and impatient streak to impress and just as it paid off that night, so too does it on Heart.

This is a thunderous debut EP; urgent from the off and with a pace that never threatens to let up as the duo deliver four riotous anthems full of strident guitar riffs, chest thumping vocals and crashing drum-beats. Lead singer Kevin Breen’s vocals possess a definite primal element and his venomous refrains are suitably undercut with Steven Gannon’s driven percussion and backing vocals. Lazy comparisons to the other famous duo, The White Stripes, will no doubt ensue and while there’s a comparable rock edge to Kid Karate’s work, the clever use of synth’s throughout  succeeds in propelling the band into an almost dancey-phase. This is most notable on highlight ‘Feel for You’ which is a pulsating, toe-tapping number, while the synth-led title track dominates proceedings and leaves you with the stirring couplet of ‘If I had a heart I would love you’ ringing in your ears. Rambunctious, rowdy and a hell of a racket for two people, Kid Karate have announced their arrival in style.

Heart EP is released Thursday November 25th.

An official launch party will take place the same night in Crawdaddy, with performances from the band themselves plus guests. Full details available here.

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