Monday, June 14, 2010

Video: Not Squares - Asylum

An apt title for a song, the chorus of which buries itself into one's mental crevices upon first listen and then sets up shop - leaving you echoing "I wanna live in an asylum!" in random outbursts for the rest of the week. These Belfast lads have shouty indie numbers down to a tee and the video is a just as fun with weird drunken dancing, normally (and correctly) confined to the darkened dancefloors of dingy clubs, in full exposure here.

The latest output of the rather excellent Richter Collective label (see Jogging, The Redneck Manifesto et al) Not Squares play Le Cheile festival on July 31st, by which stage I'll probably still be humming this.

Check out the video below, just be prepared for bemused looks from bystanders for the next week or so...

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