Friday, May 28, 2010

The return of Arcade Fire...first glimpse of new material

Rejoice! Canada's greatest export, Arcade Fire, are set to return on August 2nd with their third LP, The Suburbs.

After their debut Funeral (2004) catapulted the band into the 'best-in-the-world' domain, 2008s follow up Neon Bible was met with a greater level of division, with it's grandiose style proving too overblown for some.
Following one of the defining records of a generation was always going to be a struggle, and though it may not have quite reached Funeral's level, Neon Bible was still a truly excellent record holding enough genius to cement Arcade Fire's position near the pinnacle of modern music.

The next step was always going to be an interesting one for the band and amid talk of a potential double album and a collaboration with director Spike Jonze, these two tracks have emerged to offer the first taste of the new LP. The title track is unmistakably Arcade Fire, as it hops along nicely for a relaxed jaunt down suburban life and though not exactly ground breaking, it harbours enough creativity and nuance to suggest that it will demand far greater attention upon repeated listens. At the complete other end of the spectrum, Month of May is something of a departure from the usual Arcade Fire fare with the band going all 'rock' on us, as snarling riffs and thunderous drums mesh to deliver a punk-rock anthem of sorts.

The Suburbs is out on August 2nd and it will be interesting to see how these two tracks fit into the context of the album as a whole.

Arcade Fire play this year's Oxegen festival, their only confirmed Irish appearance of 2010, yet with rumours of a show at the O2 ever-present, such an occurrence is increasingly likely towards the end of the year.

  Arcade Fire - The Suburbs by meanwhileinaustin

Month of May

  Arcade Fire - Month of May by meanwhileinaustin

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