Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Delays - 'Valentine'

I've just noticed the last three songs I posted were of a somewhat downbeat, melllow vibe and as Ireland experiences an unprecedented early Summer, a more suitable tune is needed before we inevitably slide into monsoon season once more. 

Valentine,  lead single off Delays second album You See Colours is the perfect respite,  as it zips along for four minutes of glowing, synth-driven verve. To claim it is the best thing the band have done would do a disservice to their debut LP Faded Seaside Glamour which held a number of gems, most notably the rousing Long Time Coming, yet it is certainly their most radio-friendly and should have served as the perfect catalyst for the band's elevation. For some reason, this never materialised and their recent support to local band Codes was the perfect representation of this; though Codes are an admittedly fine band, supporting them is hardly the slot one would expect for a band who were present at a swathe of major summer festivals in 2008. That aside, there is no denying the brilliance of Valentine; a perfect pop song, full of effervescence and vibrancy, with lead singer Greg Gilbert's outstandingly unique high-pitched vocals in full flow.

The electro-vibe present here fits perfectly with the recent resurgence electro has received (stand up La Roux) and with new album Star Tiger, Star Ariel out June 7th, preceded by the single Unsung, perhaps Delays time has yet to come. Delays can be found @ Myspace. While a free download of the opening track from their aforementioned forthcoming album is available from their official site.

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